Our Product Care

Wood Care + Cleaning

Each piece of Vanguard Furniture is crafted for a lifetime of beauty and use. Although al Vanguard Furniture wood product is finished and sealed with a protective lacquer, sunlight and heat, as well as humidity and liquid, can harm and/or change its appearance. Also, fluctuating temperatures can cause wood to swell and shrink, so an environment with consistent temperature/humidity is recommended. Never place anything hot onto a wooden surface as it can cause discoloration. Keep wooden furniture away from air vents, humidifiers and fireplaces, as well as direct sunlight. All can have drying and/or bleaching effects. Use felt pads on the bottom of items or accessories with rubber bases, feet or bottoms to protect your finish. Avoid using silicone waxes, lemon oils or other oily polishes. Your Vanguard Furniture should not require any other care than routine dusting and occasional cleaning with a damp cloth of mild, soapy, warm water, followed by immediate drying with a clean, soft cloth.

Fabric & Leather Care + Cleaning

Click here to view care and cleaning instructions for vanguard fabrics and leathers

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